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Cleaning is the starting point for all phases of sewer maintenance and rehabilitation.
Proper maintenance and cleaning of underground water collection systems is critical to help the preservation of the public health and safety as well as for the protection of these capital investments.

Therefore, routine cleaning and maintenance is an integral part of protecting these systems as it prevents the accumulation of debris and other obstructive materials from reducing flows and potentially causing surcharges, overflows and other such problems.

Some typical problems that can be remedied with cleaning or cutting are:

Infiltrating roots
Grease buildup
Accumulation of debris
Intrusion of lateral connections
Reduction in hydraulic capacity from any of the above


For root and grease removal in 6" (150mm) to 24" (600mm) pipelines, SCS will typically utilize a circular style cutter that uses pressurized water of a hydrovac truck to propel it down the line while rotating the blade at high speeds. This type of cutter has the capability to effectively remove various types of roots and clear heavy grease deposits as well as other obstructions commonly found in water collection systems without causing damage to the pipe itself