chemical grouting


With chemical grouting, SCS can help eliminate pipeline infiltration at manholes, joints, laterals, or cracks.As well as fill holes or voids in the pipe.

During pipeline applications, a test/seal packer delivers the chemical grouting to correct the problem. The entire process is televised by a pipeline camera and monitored in real-time on the surface.

Once a trouble spot is identified, "sleeves", on the packer are inflated and the trouble area of pipe is isolated. After a pressure test confirms the problem, chemical grouting is applied. The grouting is forced through joints and crack to form a protective, watertight collar around problem areas. Special lateral packers can help stop leakage at service connections and lateral lines.

Chemical grouting is a low cost alternative to complete rehabilitation of pipelines.

It is the best and most economical method for battling infiltration of sewer systems. Sewer Technologies can help eliminate infiltration at joints, laterals, or cracks using chemical grouting procedures.


To repair lateral connections a "lateral packer" is winched through the sewer line until the packer is lined up with the infiltrated connection. The end elements on the packer are inflated at the lateral to 35 psi, and then a Urethane grout is injected. The chemical grout forms a watertight, protective gasket on the outside of the pipe, sealing the infiltrated area



For the repair of joints a "packer" is pulled through the sewer line, stopping at each joint or crack. A pressure test will then be performed. If the pressure test passes the packer will move to the next joint or crack. If it fails the test, Urethane grout will be injected.

SCS uses special types of chemical grout that stand up to freeze/thaw cycles, as well as wet/dry cycles.